Healthy Here: Communities Leading Healthy Change 

We all want to be healthy, but that can be hard if the right supports are not in place. For example, it can be difficult to eat healthy when it is too expensive to buy fresh and local fruits and vegetables. They may not be sold in one’s neighborhood, or they are not always available in our schools. It can be difficult to be physically active when places like streets, sidewalks and parks are not easy, safe, and enjoyable to use. And it can be difficult to manage a chronic disease, like diabetes, when you are not connected to a system that helps you to do so.

That is why Healthy Here exists. We are working to change systems and environments to make it easier for Hispanic/Latino and Native American residents of the International District & South Valley to access healthy foods, be physically active, and manage chronic disease. We do this with the help of a large network of partners, all of which have years of experience and expertise working in these communities. Collectively, our impact is stronger than when we work alone.

Where are we located?

Bernalillo County, New Mexico, which contains the state’s most populous city, Albuquerque

Healthy Here Organizational Chart

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