10,000 Healthier Lives by 2020

Healthy in the Hills is a consortium of volunteers, businesses, organizations, schools and churches from Appalachian communities who host diverse healthy activities. Check out Healthy in the Hills partners, activities and resources on www.healthyinthehills.com. Healthy in the Hills is dedicated to making fun, affordable and challenging activities available to build a vibrant, healthy community.


MORE AGRICULTURE PRODUCTION 25 + small farm and market gardener connections | 3 Veteran Agriculture sites | 2 Scalable Production sites- downtown rooftop greenhouse (under construction in 2017) and a revenue generating post-mining agriculture site in partnership with Refresh Appalachia

IMPROVED PROCESSING & MARKETING SYSTEMS Community Kitchen and Indoor Market facilities underway| CODESIGN with community of kitchen and market | New staff to support entrepreneurs | Annual Healthy Eating Workshop series established since 2014

BETTER ACCESS TO LOCAL FOODS Expanded distribution through My Mobile Market, Williamson Farmers Market, Community Supported Agriculture (CSA), and local restaurants | Regionally – Refresh Appalachia, Appalachian Foodshed Project


HATFIELD MCCOY MARATHON awarded 2015, 2016 and 2017 Road Runners Club of America - Kentucky State Running Championship – major economic impact annually | Unique runner “feels like home” experience with over 600 of the “best volunteers in the world” at themed water stops | Ranked one of the 15 toughest races in the World on the Weather Channel | Runners World Magazine “2016 Top Fun Races” in the World including New York Marathon and Paris

ACTIVE LIVING COMMUNITY CHAMPS Mentorship for new and old runners includes ongoing preparation via themed races and daily walks/runs with local runners who go the extra mile for the community |WV Statewide Running Network is being co-designed now in 2017 with WV communities

ACTIVE LIVING COMPETITIONS Lunch Walk Challenge has met with great success, expanding each year since its 2011 launch (599 participants in 2016 across 4 states). Healthy Feud 100 miles in 100 days, annual team based competition in the Fall| 2016 Healthy Feud reached 14 states|580 participants


A GROWING NETWORK- Healthy in the Hills Partners in our tri-county area aim to build a culture of health and impact 10,000 Healthier Lives by 2020 | The Healthy in the Hills team is dedicated to making fun, affordable and challenging activities available to build a vibrant, healthy community | 18 partners signed MOUS in 2016

TELLING OUR STORY Healthy in the Hills Network hosts monthly Community Conversations and works to co-design interventions with the community. Community Champions take turns facilitating and guiding conversations | “Relate with Nate” which covers local health topics from a grounded community perspective expanded to a local television station that reaches more than 4,000 viewers.

NEW POPULATION HEALTH TECHNOLOGY Healthy in the Hills activities are tracked using Passport technologies to capture population health metrics. Passport technology rewards healthy behaviors. Currently in co-design with first 100 users for low-tech version| Data capture for active living and healthy eating participants since 2014 | iPhone app test phase to launch in summer of 2017

REVENUE POTENTIAL growing corporate sponsors and licensing the technology for regional expansion.


NEW COMMUNITY INFRASTRUCTURE | The Health Innovation Hub is designed to provide a combination of wellness and recovery services and workforce readiness services across service providers. The physical location is also designed as creative space for entrepreneurs that provides career entryway support services based on the needs of individuals.


WINNING TRUST among more than 22 area healthcare providers who refer to our Community Health Worker Program and link to social services

COMMUNITY HEALTH WORKER (CHW) MODEL – CHWs are the eyes and ears for docs. Expansion with Marshall University - Currently 4 sites (impacting an additional 12 counties) in WV, OH, and KY are adopting our model. Impacts include cost savings through reduced hospitalization and improved health outcomes as well as increased community and clinic linkages.

BRIGHT SPOT Improved Health and Reduced Healthcare Costs among Patients Doctors cut costs by getting to know their patients

SUSTAINABILITY For the CHW model to be sustainable, we are working with insurance payors in WV to set up reimbursement structures based on cost savings– by calculating our return on investment. Six insurance payors have committed to data sharing to assist our team with calculating cost savings in 2017-2018 based on claims data.